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GlobalSign OV SSL Wildcard

Unlimitiert viele Subdomains mit Unternehmens-Validierung absichern

  • GDPR Compliance / EU-DSGVO

    Die Ausgabestelle (CA) versichert, personenbezogene Daten ausschlie�lich im Einklang mit der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) der Europ�ischen Union zu speichern und verarbeiten.

  • Wildcard: Unlimited Number of Sub-Domains

    With Wildcard Extension you can protect an unlimited number of third-level-domains (coll. Sub-domains) which follow the second-level domain you ordered. One single certificate protects, and For the owner of the website this is a low-cost alternative to purchasing a few SingleRoot SSL Certificates.

  • Business Authentication

    With requesting documents like e.g. an excerpt from the commercial register ensures that the secured domain is in fact the owners domain. The data, reviewed by , can be looked into when the user clicks the browsers site seal or https-value. This is an extended security feature and an effective way to build trust with your clients.

  • 256Bit SSL Encryption

    SSL encrypts the data before transmission between client (e.g. web browser) and server, and decrypts it afterward. The encryption level is measured in bit-strength. This SSL Certificate guarantees the highest possible encryption level with 256Bit.

  • Site-Seal

    Site SealEntering the website, the Site-Seal with date display indicates a secure SSL connection. When clicking the seal, a Pop-Up opens with information on encryption and domain owner (Business Authentication). This increases the users sense of security dramatically, which benefits the number of aborts in the purchasing process.

  • Simple Installation and Renewal online

    The installation of your SSL Certificate only takes a few minutes. After completion you will see a closed padlock in your browser, which indicates the SSL protection. We will send out a reminder before your certificate expires, this way your websites will be kept safe.

  • Über Globalsign

    GlobalSign™ mit Verwaltungssitz im belgischen Leuven ist ein langjährig etablierter Zertifizierungsdiensteanbieter (CA) und stellt hochwertige digitale SSL-Zertifikate, SMIME-Zertifikate und PKI-Lösungen für Firmen, Organisationen und Privatpersonen aus. GlobalSign™ wurde als erstes europäisches TrustCenter 2002 von WebTrust akkreditiert. Bei GlobalSign™ erfolgt die Ausgabe von SSL-Zertifikaten konform mit der EU-Richtline für Digitale Signatur.