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PositiveSSL DV Multidomain

Preiswertes domainvalidiertes Zertifikat zur Absicherung mehrerer, unterschiedlicher Top-Level-Domains (SAN) und statischem Site Seal. 3 SANs im Preis enthalten.

Total & Savings

88,- € **
1 Year
168,- € **
2 x 84,- € **
2 Years
8,- € **
248,- € **
3 x 82,67 € **
3 Years
16,- € **
328,- € **
4 x 82,- € **
4 Years
24,- € **
408,- € **
5 x 81,60 € **
5 Years
32,- € **
** Preis inkl. MwSt.

Discounted multi-year certificate Subscription

This certificate is available at a discount from the issuing agency as a multi-year subscription. Order once in advance for the total amount shown and you will receive a new certificate free of charge for the duration of the term.

  • EXPRESS Order

    This PositiveSSL Certificate is optimized for fast availability. Issuing only takes a few minutes. After we receive your order, the certificate can be send and installed immediately.

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  • Multiple Domain: Secure Multiple Domain Names

    With Multiple Domain SSL Certificates you can secure different top-level-domains (e.g., and with only one certificate. This is a low-cost alternative to purchasing a few SingleRoot SSL Certificates, without forfeiting encryption strength.

  • 256Bit SSL Encryption

    SSL encrypts the data before transmission between client (e.g. web browser) and server, and decrypts it afterward. The encryption level is measured in bit-strength. This PositiveSSL SSL Certificate guarantees the highest possible encryption level with 256Bit.

  • PositiveSSL Site-Seal

    Site SealEntering the website, the Site-Seal indicates a secure SSL connection. When clicking the seal, a PositiveSSL Pop-Up opens with information on encryption but not on domain owner (as with Business Authentication).

  • Simple Installation and Renewal online

    The installation of your PositiveSSL SSL Certificate only takes a few minutes. After completion you will see a closed padlock in your browser, which indicates the SSL protection. We will send out a reminder before your certificate expires, this way your websites will be kept safe.

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DV Multidomain

Laufzeit / Abonnement*
88,00 € nroldorder.incMwst
88,00 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
ab 3 Stück
83,60 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
ab 5 Stück
81,84 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
ab 10 Stück
79,20 € / Stk. nroldorder.incMwst
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