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SSLplus: This ist why!

10 very good reasons for a successfull partnership

Did you know that we offer the largest SSL / SMIME portfolio on the markets? Did you know that because of our "Ordergate" backend, our interfaces and auto-enrollment tools our customers can rely on on of the leading systems in automation? Here are all 10 good reasons why SSLplus is the right partner for you.


Brand Variety

Our customers have access to the largest SSL / SMIME portfolio of all encryption solution brokers on the market. No other company offers this variety of products from Digicert, T-Systems, D-Trust (Deutsche Bundesdruckerei), Entrust, Globalsign, Sectigo, Certum, SwissSign, Swisscom Trust Services, Procilon, FirmaPro, ValidatedID, Quovadis, Geotrust, Thawte, RapidSSL and AlphaSSL - always at brilliant rates.



No other company is so focused on the German market when it comes to encryption as SSLplus. With D-Trust (Deutsche Bundesdruckerei), T-Systems and Procilon, our customers have access to originally German and with SwissSign and Quovadis to German-speaking CAs from the DACH region. Certificates can be obtained from these CAs often easier for German companies because contracts, terms and conditions and verification documents are available in German language.



Only SSLplus offers the customer backend "Ordergate" and "Ordergate light", which obtains 24/7 access to all connected certification bodies and their products and through which they can keep an eye on their certificates, offers and invoices that have already been received or are still being issued as well as having numerous tools to simplify their work.


API Connection

Our API offers all the advantages of a direct CA connection - without being bound to only one issuing authority. We bring the products from numerous certification authorities through one interface. This means that our customers are absolutely independent in thier choice and can switch from one brand to the other within a mouse click.



With the automation tools (e.g. ACME, Auto-Enrollment-Gateway, etc.) our customers determine when and how certificates are enrolled on their systems or should be reissued. Through MPKIs the certificates can be issued without further action, i.e. rolled out without further individual authorization. And thanks to our tremendous partnership agreements with all the CAs we can our customers a lot of money.



You may reach us through phone and email weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our support speaks German, English, French and Polish. Enjoy the value of dedicated product knowledge and qualified support while dealing with certification authorities through the validation processes or the installation of certificates.



SSLplus is a sales channel of the icertificate GmbH located in Bonn, Germany. We are subject to German contract and fiscal law. Different to many non-domestic competitors you as our customers will receive offers (on request), order confirmations and dedicated invoices including VAT for each order. If you still have a question about an invoice, our accounting department is happy to provide advice and assistance monday to friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Proof of Trust

SSLplus has been subject to the strict catalog of requirements of TrustedShops and the EHI Retail Institute GmbH and subjects its shop to the tests of these independent companies since 2013. Of course SSLplus ist PCI compliant. On request all orders can be secured by TrustedShops at our expense up to an amount of EUR 20,000 per purchase. The reviews of our customers prove us right: We regularly achieve the test rating "very good" or 5 out of 5 stars rating scale from Trusted Shops.



At SSLplus we are constantly working on the plus in security and encryption, but also for the plus in handling convenience and in the operation of our systems. Our developers are constantly implementing new solutions for upcoming challenges such as Quantum Technology.


Convenience garanteed

In case a certificate needs to be canceled or revoked despite all of the aforementioned advantages, our customers have a 30-day right of return - without giving reasons. Unlike the distance selling law, which only private individuals are entitled to, we also offer this right of withdrawal our commercial customers. Because the satisfaction of our customers is important to us.